2005+ Workhorse Chassis Rear 2-Stage Air Suspension

For the air suspension on the rear of a Workhorse motorhome chassis we have adapted one of our medium duty suspensions to smooth the ride of your RV as you travel on long and short trips. This kit consists of an air suspension framework that mounts behind the leaf springs and attaches to the leaf spring shackle.  The original shackle hanger is removed (the part that connects the leaf spring shackle to the frame) and the rear of the air suspension framework is connected to the rear of the leaf springs. The framework bolts to the frame and has a pair of air bags mounted to it.  What the air suspension does is allow the leaf spring to have a couple of extra inches of travel.  When you hit a bump, the leaf springs only absorb so much.  Now, with a Kelderman 2-Stage Rear, you will have 2-3" additional travel that will yield a better ride.  This 2-stage system will give you many more miles of enjoyable travel.  The reduction of wear and tear on your coach will be evident immediately.  Included in Kelderman's innovative 2-stage design is a fail-safe for the the suspension. If loss of air to the system occurs, the suspesnion will simply ride as it did prior to the system being installed and will not leave you stranded.  The coach will ride on the original leaf springs and will drop a couple of inches (stock height). With the likelihood of being away from home as you're traveling in your Workhorse chassis motorhome, the safety and ability to travel of your coach is not impacted if a worst-case scenario were to occur.

The install time is about 8 hours and does require minimal drilling and welding.