2008+ Ford F-250/350 2-Stage Rear Suspension



Adding a Kelderman Air Suspension 2-Stage kit to your existing suspension will provide a level of comfort you thought was impossible. Virtually every truck has an acceptable ride while loaded, but the Kelderman 2-Stage Suspension greatly improves the ride loaded or unloaded! By loosening the rear spring shackle from the frame and attaching it to the Kelderman 2-Stage Suspension, you've effectively provided yourself with a two-stage suspension system that tames the road. The Kelderman 2-Stage Suspension is not to be confused with just adding an air bag between the axle and the frame. This type of system is merely a helper for the springs to allow additional weight carrying capacity. It does nothing for the riding qualities of the vehicle and in many situations degrades the ride. You do not get additional load carrying capacity with the Kelderman 2-Stage Suspension, nor do you sacrifice capacity. The only thing you gain is ride comfort. Isn't that exactly what you're after? 

An upper frame is bolted to the pickup frame. A lower frame is attached to the upper frame at the rear hinge point. The spring shackles are attached to the lower frame and the air bags are mounted between the upper and lower frame units. It's really that simple to convert your truck to air ride comfort. 

Typical air pressure when empty ranges from 25-35 psi, depending on what kind of bed you have and what is in the bed. When loaded, depending on the load, pressure could reach 100 psi. Our air suspension uses Firestone air bags that are durable and are tested at over 300 psi without breaking! 

To monitor how much air to run in the system, just take a look at the bottom swing arm of the air suspension. You want to keep this swing arm parallel with the ground. This will allow your air ride to work as designed, giving you the best ride.

All components are constructed of high quality materials for reliability and a long service life. The two stage system utilizes two air bags, one on each side of the frame. It comes with an upgraded hitch receiver as standard equipment.