2011+ FORD F-450 4x4 6-8" FRONT

Designed for comfort and easy adjustability, this electronically controlled suspension kit allows for three different ride heights. All the adjustability of a Kelderman Air Suspension allows you to lower your truck for not only easier entry, but to fit into the garage or hook up a trailer. Simply push a button on the optional electronic air control system to raise it up to the height you need once you are ready to hit the road.

The Kelderman 6-8” lift kit can be set to five different set points using the programmable Hadley SAMS 4X4 air control system that allows you to change the ride height of the vehicle from within the cab using a touchscreen controller. Thanks to industrial strength air bags, you can still use your F-450 for extreme towing. Simply hook up to your trailer and the truck will squat just like normal leaf springs, but will soon return to it's original 6-8" ride height as ride height sensors/valves signal the change in position.

These custom engineered Super Duty kits come complete with Roadmaster Sway bars, all necessary brackets including adjustable trailing arms, panhard bar, crossmember, sway bar endlinks, upper and lower bag plates, as well as Firestone air springs. Kelderman offers all of their lift kits with optional Fox monotube or remote reservoir shocks, as well Kelderman 'K' black billet shock clamps. Find the Kelderman dealer nearest you by visiting the Dealers section of our website. Still want to know more about Kelderman options for your truck? Email us at info@kelderman.com or give us a call at 1.800.334.6150.