2008+ Ford F-350 C&C 4-Link Rear Air Suspension


The Ford F-350 may be the best choice for your work vehicles, but it may not be the smoothest riding vehicle on the road. Why not make it both? With a Kelderman 4-Link Rear Air Suspension System, you not only improve your carrying capacity, but your ride loaded or unloaded. You can control the air pressure in the durable Firestone air bags included in every Kelderman product from inside the cab to adjust the pressure to compensate for a heavy load or a better ride unloaded. It’s easier than changing the air pressure in your tires; you don’t even need to get out!

With an optional self-leveling air control system, your truck will never sag again. You can load a trailer full of equipment and as soon as you jump in the truck, the suspension will automatically adjust the air pressure in the suspension to make it return to “ride height”. You can work harder with Kelderman 4-link kits that remove the entire, existing stock suspension and replace it with all new, highly tested, Kelderman components. Trading in leaf springs for a 4-Link air suspension will trade in your leaf springs for a suspension that rides entirely on air. If you want to get your job done right, the Kelderman 4-Link Rear Air Suspension System is the right place to start.